Past Lives, Past Life Regression and Everything Surrounding It

On the subject of past lives

Perhaps you’ve wondered if past lives were a thing and if reincarnation holds water to some degree in certain practices? Well, I’d like to share with you my own personal experience and main thoughts on past lives, past life regression sessions as well as general knowledge, the psychological approach it if you will.

Past life is no other than the life you’re living at the moment but in the past. Obviously. Some ways to approach this subject is to define what essence describes you on a more spiritual level. One approach is to say: I believe that the human energy is as same as any other energy that other living beings possess. Or perhaps: Human energy makes a slight distinction between the energy that is contained within other living beings. Therefore, humans reincarnate into humans.

Once again, I’m approaching this situation from two viewpoints which are not the only ones, but they’re the ones I’ve had the most experience with.

First case: The human energy is as same as the energy that’s contained within other living beings.

This type of belief is often incorporated within the hinduistic practices. They believe that our soul, to reach the point of Absolute Bliss/Ultimate Truth, has to reincarnate multiple times through many different primary lives first (such as an ant, a worm, a bug, a fish…) to even get to the point of being an energy inside of a human body. It is believed in their practice that lions, tigers, cows, elephants with the human species, are the most likely candidates to achieve The Ultimate Truth/Absolute Bliss since they are the energies that were strong and dedicated enough to live on and learn many valuable lessons through these reincarnations. Of course, there’s more to the story, but our main focus is on past lives.

So what can we learn from this viewpoint? Well, it teaches us not only strength, compassion, hard work and dedication, but it also teaches us that if we were to work hard enough and pursue our life’s goal, mission, and core purpose, we’ll achieve the Absolute Bliss and be truly satisfied and happy.

Second case: The human energy is different than the other energies that are within other living beings.

This case is usually what most people try to believe in when and if they experienced past life regression sessions since they could only remember their human past lives they assume that you can only reincarnate through human bodies – meaning that the human energy is much different than others in this world.

I very much believe from my own personal experience that this is the case, but just because a human energy might differ from an animal one, for instance, that doesn’t mean in the end that we cannot all come together as one with the Universe.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a method of one or more series of hypnotic sessions that serve the purpose to have an insight into your past lives that you’ve had, if there were any – if not, you’re considered as a young soul who’s yet to learn the lessons of life, death and passing over.

These sessions are very long – some might last up to nine hours, and the hypnotist cannot stop once you’ve fully crossed over into your experiences from your past life/lives.

I advise you if you decide to get a past life regression session to first check if the hypnotist that’s doing it is qualified enough to guide you through your past lives. Once you’ve taken care of that you can begin. The hypnotist always makes sure if you are comfortable with the surroundings so that you’ll relax every muscle in your body and that you’re fully aware of what you’ll be experiencing.

I was very satisfied with my regression, I had strong and vivid pictures as I was being guided. It seemed like watching a really strange movie, and you’re the main actor. I felt emotions as well as going through these various lives and transitions between lives might trigger mood swings, but it’s normal to feel that way.

So, what can you learn from these past life regressions? Well, you can learn more about yourself and literally who you were in the past years. The time between lives can vary since your unconscious mind needs to be clear and left with only the lessons you’ve experienced in that lifetime. So when getting a past life regression, you’re only really recalling the messages or experiences that were the most crucial in that lifetime, you don’t go through each day of your past life. That’s why the unconscious mind is hard to solve or even understand perfectly, but this is what I’ve managed to conclude in the end.


The psychology behind the concept of past lives

Psychologists claim that if you successfully experience a past life regression session and if you do get some insight on your supposed past life/lives, you might have a condition that they refer to as cryptomnesia – when certain, so-called memories, return to you from your unconscious mind and leave a trace as if you’ve experienced it before. They say it is triggered by person’s deep desires and wishes that are subconsciously left out from their daily memory database, and so it gets unnoticed and has to be suppressed somewhere – and where other than the subconscious mind.

In conclusion, I believe that the unconscious mind still has to be explored and understood to make conclusions like the ones mentioned above. Scientists know very little but are trying to learn the most out of it as we speak.

Thank you for reading!


Preparing for the Full Moon (26th of August 2018.)

Hello and blessed be!

Today, I’d like to cover the topic of the upcoming full moon that will be visible on the 26th of August 2018.

Slikovni rezultat za tumblr full moon wicca

As wiccans and pagans celebrate, the full moon during this year represents harvest and approaches towards the colder days in the year. During these time we like to meditate and focus on the possible obstacles that are infront of us, and also preparing for New Year 2019 and entering the year purified, reborn and full of life once again.

During this time of year and harvesting, it is good to know which ingredients to purify and leave for later use (magick work, spells, spellcrafting etc…):

Trees to purify: Hazel and especially Cedar (In my own personal opinion, cedar works for me better than hazel in spellcrafting).

Herbs to purify: Basil, Chamomile and Rosemary

Represented element: Fire

Represented Gods: Mars, Hecate, Hathor

If any of you are working with the said Gods, they’ll be pleased with your hard work and sacrifices. I’ve worked with Hecate and she will indeed respect you if you do your part.

Povezana slika


That would be all from me, thank you all for reading and you can contact me anytime if you have any questions!


On The Subject Of Praying


Praying Hands by Albrecht Durer

We have all prayed at some point. Either asking for help, guidance, money, health…you name it. People through history and especially in the modern times have observed prayers and the act of praying and how it affects people mentally and physically. Praying is usually a more of a religious practice and the prayers can be directed to whoever; a deity, a spirit, a deceased familiar and it can also be an idea, or a prayer that is directed towards a living person (believing your energy and intent will reach them) and so on.

Most of today’s major religions use the act of praying and classify it as a religious practice.

I would like to talk about this topic but specifically about the act of praying in the wiccan and pagan community.

Wiccans oftenly take a different approach. Most of Wiccans don’t believe a sole prayer is enough, but believe to experience the deities and the spirits, you have to experience nature and perform rituals where all believers get engaged. Yes, that might seem applicable to abrahamic beliefs, but prayers in abrahamic beliefs are more often personal and solitary, where in Wicca they are more open to other group members and feel safe and secure to share their prayers with one another and work with them through a number of rituals. Wiccans also use meditation and incantation as the form of praying since those also engage the connection, the request between your soul (you) and the divine beings, spirits (Them) etc…

In Wicca, prayers are most likely to be used during the esbat and sabbat celebrations, where the collective energy of the group is raised and has more potential for each individual to reach their goal, that is, to connect to Them.

People pray because they are in need of recieving love and the emotion that will often ease the brain and soul of being too exhausted or depressed in a way. We find it much more comforting to talk to Them, religous or non-religious, we all sometimes pray for something, in hope of someone beyond our reality tuning into it and perhaps has the ability to grant us our wishes and desires, hopes and ideas and pass it on as a good deed to the people in this reality that are in need.

So the next time you pray, be sure to think about the reality you live in and other possible ones, and if you ever find yourself (like I do) that your prayers DO get answered in one way or the other, be sure to give thanks and blessings to whoever you’ve prayed to, for your connection to only grow brighter and bigger. And even if you’re not sure how to address the energy that you work with, it doesn’t matter, as long as you feel connected and feel safe and loved while praying. Be assured that the other side feels the same way you do when connecting to Them.

Many blessings!

Book of Shadows

As a Wiccan, one of my most powerful tools to successfully maintain memory of the spell work, magick work, rituals and similar that I do is to preserve it all into a high personal book in which all of my past work is being kept.

I think personally Wiccans who are solitary practicioners should at least write a journal of some sort to keep all of their thoughts and plans written down and saved. Covens will usually have one Book of Shadows which is mainly used by the High Priest and the Priestess.


(One of Gerald Gardner’s Book of Shadows)

Book of Shadows is very important and I highly recommend if you haven’t already made one you do it (of course if you’re very dedicated to your path).

A Book of Shadows isn’t exclusively used by Wiccans, many other pagan paths as well prefer for a practicioner to save his/her spells and rituals and main thoughts.

There are various sorts of Book of Shadows; some only contain rituals and spells, while other contain personal thoughts and beliefs, specific dates you follow and other information that is necessary for a practicioner’s use.


A Book of Shadows is usually kept private; every practicioner decides whether if it’s going to keep it private or share information with others. Personally, I keep all of my spells and rituals private while I share my information on the work with other people. I like having a little mystery in my life. Magick and witchcraft is certainly one of them. It keeps people to stay motivated at least from my point of view.

If you’re interested, I say give it a try. You can start by buying a simple notebook perhaps and start writing down what you believe in and what are your thoughts and spells you did and maybe the courses of your rituals.

If you have any questions I will gladly respond! You can contact me via my email! ( You are very welcome to ask a question or anything that comes to your mind!

Hope you liked the post! Comment what do you think a Book of Shadows should contain?


Pagan Holidays


Firstly, I would like to wish you a happy New Year and that all of your wishes and hopes in 2016 come true through the great blessings of the Divine!

Today I would like to share with you my view on Pagan holidays, how are they celebrated, what are their roots, how I personally celebrate them and so on.


The picture above represent Wheel of the Year, it is a pagan annual cycle of various festivals; both solstices and equinoxes. These terms are different in Wicca, they are called Sabbaths. I would like to note that a person that identifies himself/herself a pagan or a wiccan, doesn’t necessarily need to celebrate these pagan holidays, but usually the most famous celebrated ones are Litha and Samhain, while a favourite one can vary pagan to a pagan and wiccan to a wiccan.

Wheel of the Year can be divided into 3 different stages: life, death and rebirth. The moral is not that we live to die and be reborn. That is just the tip of the thoughts. These 3 cycles really represent our behaviour and actions that were made in a year, so we gain experience, we gain insight and we become wiser. Through a certain time of the year we spiritually die, but only te be reborn with greater wisdom and knowledge and continue living the cycle incorporating new methods and thoughts. At the end of the year we bring a new years resolution, which many people have forgotten it’s actually a pagan element.

As a human being, you make yourself achieve things you didn’t in the previous year hence the Wheel of the Year and its morals standing behind it. You promise yourself to grow in the following year and raise awareness.

During the Death stage, you are thinking about your actions and thoughts that occured in the previous year. It is time to relax your spiritual self and make resolutions and plans for the upcoming year. Before midnight it is said that you have been spiritually dead, just so that your spirit emerges back to your body refreshed and glowing, having to throw away all the negative sides of the previous year.

During the Life stage, you are living your life incorporating those elements you’ve learned in the previous year. You do your daily jobs such as go to work/school, eat, think, relax, pray…whatever it is that you are satisfied doing it.

During the Reborn stage, your spirit self is developing deep sensations and is begining to awaken. You are separating reality from the other dimension. During this stage, it is strongly advised to meditate as often as possible, not only that it’s good for your health, but it’s also important to seek a stable connection with the Divine and your inner self as well.


Pagan holidays can of course  be celebrated with a group of people (your coven or a study groups perhaps) or it can be celebrated solitary. Depending what holiday are you celebrating, there’s always a big circle casted and people would be singing and dancing around it to raise energy. Offerings would also very often take place.

You probably know these holidays, but since the old times names have changed.

  • Christmas was known as the Winter Solstice
  • Easter was known as Ostara
  • Halloween was known as Samhain
  • Valentine’s Day was known as Imbolc

Days through a week also changed meanings and were differently written and pronounced, but their real meanings are:

  • Monday was known as the Moon Day
  • Tuesday was known as Tyr’s Day
  • Wednesday was known as Odin’s Day
  • Thursday was known as Thor’s Day
  • Friday was known as Freya’s Day
  • Saturday was known as Saturn’s Day
  • Sunday was known as the Sun’s Day


Samhain is a pagan holiday where pagans would celebrate the start of a new year and would honor their ancestors. [October 31st-November 1st]

Yule is a pagan holiday where pagans would celebrate return of the Sun and winter solstice would take place later on. [December 21st]

Imbolc is a pagan holiday that symbolizes returning light, signs of spring and deeper connection with the Goddess in some traditions of Wicca. [February 2nd]

Ostara is a pagan holiday that represents rebirth; new life and also spring equinox takes place. [April 21st]

Beltane is a pagan holiday that represents fertility and its celebration. [May 1st]

Litha is a pagan holiday when the summer solstice takes places and the Nature is at its highest peak. [June 21st]

Lammas or Lughnassadh is a pagan holiday of Gaelic roots, it represents harvest. [August 1st]

Mabon is a pagan holiday which follows autumn equinox. [September 21st]


I personally try to celebrate all of them as an eclectic wiccan and I usually do offerings and rituals the solitary way. My favourite ones are Litha (I was also born 21st of June!), Ostara and Samhain.

I would like to hear your thoughts and how you celebrate these holidays if you are a pagan!




Offerings to the Gods and Goddesses



Today I would like to give you some insight on how I do offerings and what things should you consider while making offerings to certain Gods and Goddesses.

Each and every God/Goddess notices you if you notice them. They are aware of your earthly presence, just as you are of their divine one. This is where offerings come to existence. Since the ancient times, Pagans have made offerings to their Gods and Goddesses to keep the year healthy and well, with many crops to be harvested. Then, a small portion would be used to thank the Gods and Goddesses for their great generosity this year. After the harvest, winter came, and by the Wheel, rebirth of the Great God is about to happen.

But let us get back to the offerings. Making offerings to Gods and Goddesses today essentially means that you are grateful your God/Goddess is watching you and protecting you and/or has done a great deed for you (fertility, increase in health etc.) so you would like to thank them by offering something.

But why would they care if I simply spoil food into the earth or something?

Well, since Gods/Goddesses don’t really possess a physical body, you can’t just throw the food in the air in hope of them somehow catching it. This is why earth is important and is a great element in offering something. Think of earth as a connection between you and your God/Goddess. Earth is their body. When you choose to make an offer into the soil ground, you are basically feeding and helping your God/Goddess, and making your connection even stronger. That’s why you can’t offer just anything into the earth.

Every God/Goddess represents a certain belief and acts on its own, so each individual has some unique elements.

For an example, if you make an offering to Athena (Greek Goddess of Wisdom), you’d be making an offering in hope of her accepting it and granting you with such wisdom. If you choose Živa (Slavic Goddess of fertility and love), you’d be making an offering in hope of her accepting it and granting you fertility into your womb and love in general. (Men can actually offer this one as well, hoping your beloved wife will be granted with such.)

So, be sure to connect to your Gods/Goddess really good and have stable connections before offering since offerings are really here to show your gratitude for the God/Goddess, and actually will be harder accepted if the God/Goddess hasn’t had any connections with you.

Here is what you should consider offerings:

If your God/Goddess focuses on Love/Fertility:

  • offering food: apples and eggs
  • offering drinks: wine, fruit juice and/or milk (breast milk if possible)
  • offering herbs: lavander and/or rose

If your God/Goddess focuses on Abundance/Prosperity:

  • offering food: dairy food and/or grains
  • offering drinks: milk and/or ale
  • offering herbs: mint and/or pennyroyal

If your God/Goddess focuses on Health:

  • offering food: bread and/or kale
  • offering drinks: water
  • offering herbs: rose and/or rosemary

If your God/Goddess focuses on Nature:

  • offering food: bread and/or apples
  • offering drinks: water and/or milk
  • offering herbs: bay

Thank you very much for reading! Feel free to comment and share your own personal experiences with us!


Hello world!

Hello! This will only be a short introduction into this blog, where we will be discussing many articles, share thoughts, ideas and arguments!

This blog is purely dedicated to all of you that are interested to see what is going on in a mind of an Agnostic Eclectic Wiccan

What is an Agnostic Eclectic Wiccan?

Well, agnostic is a term used for a person that doesn’t lack belief, but believes how no religion can explain what is happening after life. Agnostic people are rather skeptical about the approach that a certain idea is correct, and that a human posseses the knowledge that it 100% knows what will happen. So, agnostics are people who just respond: I don’t know. or I’m not sure.

Term eclectic in the context of an Eclectic Wiccan, basically means that a certain person does not follow a type of Wicca (Gardnerian, Draconic, Alexandrian etc.) but rather “mixes” so to say, a few beliefs that best fit that person.
But still, Wicca in general is something that will be differently viewed by many people, that’s why there cannot be just one answer.

And finally Wiccan.
Wiccan is a person who follows the path of the Wicca belief system. That’s for the explanation of the word. Every Wiccan will have its own perspective, so to actually “pinpoint”, it would be the best if you could ask a few Wiccans about their paths etc., only then you will get your answer.

Thank you for reading! This was a short introduction and explanation of my name, until the next time feel free to contact me, ask questions and post comments!

Blessed be!